Homeschool Days

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At long last...
Homeschool Days Return!

Join us for two special days specifically designed for homeschool students to gather and explore together. Each date will focus on a specific science concept, and will highlight age-appropriate, hands-on, minds-on science activities facilitated by our talented team of Educators.

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What are Homeschool Days?

On select days throughout the year, homeschool students come together at the California Science Center to investigate a variety of science concepts. More than just a day to explore the exhibit halls, these programs feature facilitated classes and hands-on activities to encourage in-depth discovery of the day's topic. Students are grouped by age, and facilitated class sessions are offered in the morning and afternoon, each session lasting 2.5 hours.

Homeschool Days require pre-registration for all attendees.
See registration section below for cost and other details.

See the frequently asked questions section below for additional information.

Upcoming Homeschool Days

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Tuesday February 6, 2024
Exploring Engineering

How do we build bridges to last longer? Or design a car to go faster? Answer these questions and more while drafting new designs and perfecting problem solving skills. Students will draw on multiple sciences as they develop the skills to construct the future! 

Schedule (choose one):
Morning Session 9:30am - 12pm or 
Afternoon Session 1pm - 3:30pm

Age 5-7 or Age 8-10

Beakers with colorful contents
Tuesday March 19, 2024
Incredible Chemicals

From the kitchen to the laboratory, reactions happen all around us! Discover the difference between physical and chemical reactions, learn about laboratory safety, and explore the elements while making crazy chemical concoctions!

Schedule (choose one):
Morning Session 9:30am - 12pm or 
Afternoon Session 1pm - 3:30pm

Age 5-7 or Age 8-10


Cost per student per session:
$50 non-Members
$45 Members

Homeschool Days require pre-registration for all attendees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For which ages are the programs appropriate? View Details

The program is designed for students ages 5-10. Groups are ages 5-7 and 8-10. Students must be age 5 or older by the program date in order to participate. If you feel your child should be in an alternate age group, you may enroll them one age year higher or lower than their actual age. Jumping up or down more than one age year is not permitted. Class changes will not be accommodated the day of the program.

How many students are in each class session? View Details

Each class can accommodate approximately 20-25 students.

May I drop off my student? View Details

All participants must be checked in by a parent/guardian. After being checked in, students may be dropped off for either the morning or afternoon session. They will need to be picked up by 12:00pm for the morning session and 3:30pm for the afternoon session.

Is parking included? View Details

Parents will be permitted a 45 minute grace period for both drop-off and pick-up. Validation is not required. Pull a ticket upon entry, and if exit is within 45 minutes, no fee will be charged. Full-day parking is not included in the cost of the program. For full-day parking information, please visit the Directions, Parking and Transportation page. Members receive a limited number of parking vouchers. Please click here for more information about becoming a Member.

Are lunches or snacks provided? View Details

No. Programs are 2.5 hours long, and do not include lunch or snack time. Participants should plan to eat before or after program times. Food may be purchased at on-site restaurants.

Are Homeschool Days a direct substitute for science curriculum and/or content? View Details

Each program's age appropriate activities are designed to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning through hands-on, student driven labs and activities. While not directly linked to state science standards, these experience based learning opportunities provide students with valuable tools for understanding our world, as well as a stronger knowledge base in the day's highlighted science topic.

Where do Homeschool Days take place? View Details
Big Lab with people participating in a variety of science activities

Check-in will be held in the Big Lab, located on the campus of the California Science Center, in the Wallis Annenberg Building for Science Learning and Innovation. It is about a 5 minute walk from the main building of the Science Center, or a 5-10 minute walk from the parking structure. Instructors will utilize classroom laboratories, the Big Lab, California Science Center exhibits, and surrounding elements of Exposition Park to support lessons. Parents are invited to check with instructors the day of their session regarding accompanying students during excursions.
Download a California Science Center Map.

Do we need to bring anything? View Details

No. All supplies for the activities will be provided.