Meet & greet with an astronaut? Live animal interactions?

We offer more than just inspiring spaces…

Special Exhibitions

Families interact with exhibits in Ecosystems' Island Zone, featuring a tropical fish tank and island imagery
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Talk to our Sales Manager about opportunities to incorporate private daytime or evening access to our current special exhibit into your next event!

Astronaut Appearance

Astronaut Garret Reisman on stage, presenting to gala dinner guests under the space shuttle Endeavour
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John McCoy

Ask us about opportunities for featuring an astronaut at your event! Include a Meet & Greet or invite them to speak as part of your program. 

Connect with our Sales Manager for more details and pricing estimates.

Diver Greetings

Diver giving thumbs up inside Ecosystems Kelp Tank
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Leroy Hamilton

Our world class divers provide daily care for our Kelp Forest tank and its inhabitants, which include leopard sharks, horn sharks, moray eels, giant seabass, rays, rockfish, spiny lobsters, anemones, and more! The divers can serve as fun and friendly greeters for your guests, or answer their burning questions about diving and marine science. See below for opportunities to add divers experiences to your next event.

See our Diver Experiences View Details
Exhibit Divers

Welcome your guests with two kelp tank exhibit divers! Participants will have the opportunity to take photos with our scuba divers as they enjoy all the other animals the kelp forest has to offer.

Dive Show Presentation

Find out what it’s like to experience our Kelp Forest from inside the tank as you get the chance to talk first hand with a scuba diver. Our divers use specialized communication equipment to provide your guests with a 30 minute presentation on what life is like in these special underwater forests.

Visitor Diver

Is one of your staff a certified scuba diver from a nationally recognized scuba certification training agency? Have them welcome your guests to the event from inside the Kelp tank exhibit!

Keeper Interactives

Keeper Alex Soto introduces AOTB Discovery Ball guest to a species from our Living Collections
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Get even closer to some of our living collections on the dry side! Our team of Keepers can facilitate up close interactions for you and your guests with a number of our live animal species.

Basic A/V Package

close up of microphone on stand
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Our basic A/V package can help avoid excessive cost and stress by providing in-house resources for your basic A/V needs. Our inventory includes projectors, speakers, microphones, screens, and more. Click below to receive more information on packages and a list of items available for each venue.

See our A/V Packages View Details
Optional Basic A/V Package - Available in the 2024 Event Pavilion (Pending)
  • 12K Lumens projector
  • 20' Wide ceiling-mounted screen
  • 2 Wireless handheld microphones
  • 2 Portable stand-up speakers
  • Wireless slide advancer
  • Audio input for laptop audio and/or background music
Optional Basic Audio Package - Available in Edgerton Court, Disney Science Court & Ecosystems
  • 2 Wireless handheld microphones
  • 2 Portable stand-up speakers
  • Audio input for background music
Included Daytime Audio Visual Package - Included in Loker Conference Center & MUSES Room
  • 6K Lumens projector
  • Ceiling-mounted screens
  • Wireless handheld microphones (quantity dependent on venue)
  • In-house sound
  • Wireless slide advancer
  • Audio input for laptop audio and/or background music
Included in All Packages
  • Risers & lectern
  • On-site technician to set and troubleshoot our equipment

Contact us for more information and to confirm package availability and inclusions


Red & Black Motion Simulator Attraction in Disney Science Court, Air & Space

Add a private rental of our simulators to your event in an adjacent venue. Snag unlimited rides for any number of attendees for an affordable flat rate! Ask our team about after-hours availability.

Educational Activities

Education staff member points to small-scale model space shuttle with open payload bay as guest observes in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion with space shuttle Endeavour in the background
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Bring the spirit of the Science Center to your event with educational activities for your guests to enjoy. Choose from one of our many engaging experiences, or work with our events and education team to create programs to make your event truly stand out. See below for details and talk to our Sales Manager for more information.

See Examples of our Educational Activities View Details
Liquid Nitrogen Station

Explore the extreme temperatures of space with the help of liquid nitrogen, which measures -321̊ Fahrenheit! Participants will experience flash frozen flowers, quick-cooled liquids & gases, and even edible skewers of hyper-chilled berries and cream!

Slime Lab

Get hands-on with chemical reactions by creating oozy squishy slime! Participants will explore polymer science and take home their very own goopy concoction. Available in glow-in-the-dark or colorful options.

Color Changing UV Jewelry Making

Design bracelets, necklaces, key rings, and more using special beads that appear white when indoors, but reveal vibrant hidden colors when exposed to sunlight!

Glove Box Challenge

Race against the clock to complete a hands-on design task in the Glove Box Challenge! Hindered by bulky gloves, participants will discover the difficulties of working in space faced by astronauts every day.

Vacuum Chamber Demonstrations

Discover what happens to everyday objects when they are exposed to the vacuum of space! Balloons, liquids, marshmallows and more are subjected to an absence of air to explore the dangers faced by astronauts in space.

Daytime Activities

Young girl wearing harness climbs artificial rock wall

Admission to the Science Center's permanent exhibition galleries is free (excluding IMAX and Special Exhibits). Enhance your daytime meeting, conference, or luncheon by inviting your guests to explore our free exhibitions and more. 

We offer reduced group rates if you’d like to include:

  • A public screening of any of our current IMAX movies
  • Our current special exhibition

IMAX Movies

A family wearing 3D glasses and watching a film in the IMAX theater

Enhance your event with one of our rotating movies now in IMAX with Laser! Our seven-story IMAX screen brings to life worlds as small as an atom and as vast as the universe. Transport yourself to awesome new worlds and engage your senses in endless colors and soul-stirring sounds! With movies under an hour, they’re the perfect entertainment addition to your event, whether it’s a public showing during the day or a private showing after-hours. Experience film in colors that could never before be shown on screen and enhanced sound through our 12-channel surround sound system!


Woman and child stand outside ExploraStore entrance. Upper entry signage reads "Explorastore" and features a large decorative gyroscope. Racks of store merchandise can be seen inside.
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Jonathan Selig 2020

Looking for a themed gift for your guests, a goody bag addition or centerpiece item? Shop our store for fun, thematic pieces such as astronaut ice cream, die cast space shuttles or plush space monkeys! We have hundreds of options to make your event extra special. Shop online at the link below our talk to your Event Manager to arrange an on-site pick-up or volume order.

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Discovery Ball tabletop with Saltillo tole chargers, burnt orange napkins, glassware, and floral centerpiece
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