We’ve partnered with the best!

We have partnered with premiere catering and bar services to support you in creating an unforgettable event. Choose from our approved list of diverse and exceptional catering companies. Not sure where to begin? Our team would be delighted to help you navigate our catering list and offer recommendations tailored to your unique needs and vision! 

All our preferred caterers and bar services featured here not only deliver exceptional dining experiences and service but are also knowledgeable about the Science Center’s event venues, receive special training on our policies and procedures and are fully licensed by the city and state.

White text reads "Allegro" on light brown rectangular background, alongside light brown text that reads "Catering & Events" on white background

Allegro Catering and Events

Emran Rashid

Allegro website

Text reads Border Grill in stylized text

Border Grill

Taylor Mochizuki

Border Grill website

Grey text reads Bruce's Catering & Events

Bruce's Catering

Anthony Smith

Bruce's Catering website

Text reads Command Performance Catering in stylized brown, green, and orange text

Command Performance Catering

Robert Yamada

Command Performance website

Portrait of Chef Jason Fullilove standing in white t-shirt and grey apron, with both hands on counter, looking straight ahead.

Events by Jason George

Jason Fullilove Catering

Chef Jason Fullilove

Events by Jason George website

Text reads The Food Matters Catering * California in orange and grey stylized text.

The Food Matters

Chris Baker

The Food Matters website

Text reads Good Gracious of course in black and grey text with i stylized as exclamation point

Good Gracious! Events

Pauline Parry

Good Gracious website

Image reads Kensington Caterers in green and yellow stylized text alongside a large K made of leaf-like or bamboo green strokes.

Kensington Caterers

Richard Mooney

Kensington website

LeSassier Catering Logo reads "LeSassier Catering" in black text on top of large stylized 'S'

LeSassier Catering

Daria LeSassier

LeSassier website

Stylized text reads Made by Meg

Made By Meg

Chef Meg

Made by Meg website

Orange text reads Schaffer, with the two f's touching


Melissa Darpino

Schaffer website

Someone's in the Kitchen Logo - Logo text in white reads "SITK" above "Someone's in the Kitchen" on grey background

Someone's in the Kitchen

Jason Perel

SITK website

Summit Event Catering Logo - Logo reads "Summit Event Catering" with 'i' substituted with purple and black martini glass illustration

Summit Event Catering

Veronica Medrano

Summit website

Text reads TGIS above smaller text reading thank goodness it's sofia above text reading Food | Events | Weddings. 'I" in TGIS is stylized with three lime green dots on top.

Thank Goodness It's Sofia

Kaitlyn Garcia

TGIS website

Stylized WP logo over Wolfgang Puck Catering text

Wolfgang Puck Catering

Barbara Brass

Wolfgang Puck Catering website

Trimana logo reads "TRIMANA" in red text with two dots above the M and underlined underlined in blue


Bijan Yadegar

Daily food service

Bar & Beverage Catering

Sunseri's Bar & Beverage Catering Logo - Logo reads "Sunseri'" in large text above "Bar & Beverage Catering" in smaller text to the right of a large illustrated wine glass with red liquid splashing out of the top

Sunseri's Bar & Beverage Catering

Mike Sereno

Sunseri's website

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