L.A. Zone

L.A. Zone

What do we do with all our garbage? Where do we get our water? Our energy? How do wild animals get by in urban settings? Become an urban ecologist and investigate the ecological rules governing the mix of natural and man-made environments that make up the Los Angeles area.

Exhibit Highlights

People shine small spotlights on a huge wall map of Los Angeles.
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Christopher Lawrence

L.A. Wall Map

Pinpoint important locations to find out details about wildlife, energy, waste and water on an interactive map of the Los Angeles area.

Letting it Sink In

Make rain beads fall over two different landscapes. By tracing the course of the beads, you'll see how urban areas can be designed to absorb more water and limit runoff.

Bobcat Tilt Table

Help a “bobcat” cross an urban maze complete with habitat corridors and traps, and discover the challenges animals face in and around cities.

Hazy Skies

Manipulate a city’s land-use decisions, modes of transportation and environmental factors in this computer game to see the impact such elements have on air quality.

Landfill Finds

Take a look at the amount of garbage we all throw away, and find out what happens to it once it leaves our hands.