Discovery Rooms

Discovery Rooms are designed for children 7 years of age and younger. All guests are required to wear shoes or socks while enjoying the Discovery Room activities.

During peak times, we have a 15-minute rotation in our rooms. This allows for more of our younger guests to have a turn to explore. We invite play, discovery, and exploration with curiosity and kindness.

Imagine a place where young learners become explorers, storytellers, scientists, engineers, chefs or anything they can dream up. Our Discovery Rooms inspire children, along with their families and caregivers, to learn about the world around them. Embedded within the three main exhibit halls of the Science Center, these unique spaces are designed for you and your early learner (ages 7 and under). These learning environments provide opportunities for kids to use their creativity and creative problem solving skills to explore, ask questions, and find answers! 

Kids, families and school groups can make use of the Discovery Rooms, which include interactive exhibits, storytelling, activities, animal displays and space for self-directed exploration. The spaces promote adult-child interaction and cooperative learning among children. A joyful place for families to play, learn, create, and grow together!

Kids playing inside Ecosystems Discovery Room bedroom
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Pete Eckert
Ecosystems Family Discovery Room

Come visit our Ecosystems Discovery Room where ecology becomes approachable for young learners. This discovery room highlights a recognizable ecosystem: a home! Explore how our human habitat provides us with food, water, and shelter. Guests can also discover the ways pets—and pests—use our homes and yards to develop habitats of their own. Explore our interactive activities that engage young learners with concepts from the Ecosystems gallery.

Visitors in World of Life Discovery Room
World of Life Discovery Room

The World of Life Discovery Room is temporarily closed for renovations.