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Curator Kids Club

In partnership with local schools and community-based organizations, the California Science Center developed the Curator Kids Club (CKC), a science-enrichment program for children ages 11 to 13. The program targets students from the underserved communities surrounding the California Science Center, providing quality science learning experiences to students who might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

CKC Students

Goals of the Curator Kids Club include:

  • Fostering self-esteem through genuine experiences of success with science

  • Using informal science education as a vehicle to build basic skills for academic achievement in all disciplines

  • Stimulating a life-long interest in learning

Curator Kids Club meets these goals by offering engaging, science-rich experiences for children throughout the year. Through guided activities and field trips, children explore the world and their own potential.

CKC familiarizes students with basic concepts of the life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences, as well as math and technology, social skills and conflict resolution. Science Center educators and trained young adults participating in the Community Teen Intern Program provide supervision as well as role models for club members.

CKC offers two sessions in the summer for three weeks each and a year-round session on selected Saturdays during the school year. Applicants must make the commitment to attend the entire summer or year-round session.

For more information about Curator Kids Club, please call 
(213) 744-7444 or email CommunityPrograms@cscmail.org.