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Laser audience

Reviews of IMAX® with Laser

Probably as close as you'll ever get to seeing what an astronaut sees while they're in orbit. — Gizmodo

Trust us, it will change your life. —Los Angeles Magazine

Details were noticeably crisper than images shown in a standard-sized auditorium with a regular digital projector. —Los Angeles Daily News

The 12-channel enhanced sound system is built around the user - with sound even coming from above. You feel like you're completely enveloped in what you're watching. —TechRadar

Vibrant and lifelike. — Engadget

IMAX Laser delivered the best projected images we have experienced, with deep blacks, bright images and a staggering level of detail. — AVForums

Impressive sharpness, contrast, and dynamic range. — Ars Technica

To put it simply, I was very impressed. — Forbes