A Beautiful Planet 3D


What people are saying about A Beautiful Planet 3D

“…fulfills its inspirational function with screen-filling, soul-filling views of the main space station in the story—the one that harbors all our lives and hopes.” — Wall Street Journal

"...you’ll see views of our pale blue dot that you’ve never seen before." —Tim Moynihan, Wired

"Life in space shot by astronauts in IMAX… what more could you want?" — TechnoBuffalo

“More than just pretty pictures…thoughtful and encouraging…it could change how viewers think about climate change." — Film Journal International

“Jennifer Lawrence narrates this amazing look at Earth from space. This isn’t an ordinary look at our planet. A Beautiful Planet focuses on the impact man and nature have on the earth.” — Family Choice Awards

"...a gorgeous look at the life of an International Space Station astronaut and the incredible views of our planet that they get to experience" Nerd Machine

“Given its vantage point, the views from the ISS are just beyond amazing, but to see — no, to experience them — in IMAX 3D is as close as most of us will get to actually being there high above the Earth..."— Chip Chick

A Beautiful Planet 3D

A spectacular view of the Himalayas & Everest from the International Space Station.

A Beautiful Planet 3D

Witness an astronaut’s perspective of Spain and the Mediterranean from the International Space Station.

A Beautiful Planet 3D

Onboard the International Space Station (ISS) – NASA Commander Barry (Butch) Wilmore enjoys Zero-G.

All photos from A Beautiful Planet 3D: © 2016 IMAX Corporation. Courtesy of NASA