Chicken and the Egg exhibit

Life Source

No living thing needs to have babies to stay alive. But passing on genes to the next generation is necessary for a species' survival. Uncover the facts about how living things reproduce and develop, from frogs and chickens to ourselves.

Exhibit Highlights

  • World of Life Human Miracle exhibit

    The Human Miracle

    See the steps of human development from a single cell into a two-trillion-celled baby by viewing 11 preserved embryos and fetuses.

  • Chicken and the Egg exhibit

    The Chicken and the Egg

    Take a visit to the chick hatchery to watch chicks break out of their eggs or to see some newly hatched chicks.

  • DNA Double Helix image

    Life's Instructions

    Discover DNA, the secret code within every cell that makes all living things look, sound and function like they do.