Conservator packing Tut artifact

The Art of Preserving and Packing King Tut’s Treasures

Photographs by Gil Garcetti

How do you safely pack and move 3,300-year-old treasures? Very carefully. You also need experienced technicians trained in a variety of scientific and artistic specialties. In February 2018, an international team arrived at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to pack and ship 150 artifacts from King Tut’s royal tomb for exhibition at the California Science Center. Photographer Gil Garcetti documented the process, providing a window into the art and science of touring precious antiquities. Thirty evocative photographs taken behind the scenes reveal this delicate process. The images depict the team of people you never see and the stories of how they bring us the treasures that enrich our lives. On display at the California Science Center, 2nd floor, May 23, 2018 through January 6, 2019.

Conservators discussing King Tut artifact