Goose Bumps! the science of fear

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear

Closing December 24, 2018

Prepare to be (a little) scared! Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear invites you to get startled in the name of science. Discover how fear affects our bodies, our brains, and even our societies. Engaging interactive exhibits will give you a chance to experience fear in a safe, enjoyable environment and see how you respond.

Exhibits highlights include:

  • A smiling boy is strapped into a contraption and anticipating falling as part of the Fear Challenge Course in the Goose Bumps: The Science of Fear exhibit

    Fear Challenge Course

    Get your heart pumping and your palms sweaty as you face some common fears, such as the Fear of Animals, the Fear of Electric Shock and the Fear of Falling.

  • A class of students gathers around Mr. Goose Bumps, an exhibit that shows how the human body reacts to fear.

    Fear Lab

    Meet Mr. Goose Bumps, your guide to learning how the brain and body work together to respond to danger. Delve into the brain systems and pathways activated by fear, and find out about scientists doing emotion research.

  • Kids view images of people expressing different emotions

    Faces of Emotion

    Explore the facial expressions of fear and other emotions, and explore your own facial expressions too!

  • Kids try to catch fruit while staying invisible to a leopard on the prowl in the large-scale interactive "Freeze Game"

    Fear in the Wild

    Catch fruit while hiding from a prowling leopard in the “Freeze Game,” an immersive interactive video game, and learn how animals survive in their natural environments.

  • A marquee marks the entrance to Fear Theater, a venue where guests can see live demonstrations or a film about fear in society

    Fear Theater

    Watch a brief documentary-style film about the interaction between our collective fears and entertainment, history and culture.

  • Introductory panel to the Coping with Fear exhibit area in Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear

    Coping with Fear

    Explore the way fears change over a lifetime and learn how to help children deal with their fears.