Science Center Governance

As a department of the State of California, under the Natural Resources Agency, the California Science Center is administered by a nine-member board of directors appointed by the Governor. The not-for-profit California Science Center Foundation provides support for exhibits and education programs at the Science Center.

California Science Center Board of Directors

Fabian R. Wesson – Chair
Billie C. Greer – Vice Chair
Janis Berman
Diane Hamwi
Alfredo Medina
Mark Pulido
Stanley Shuster
Dr. Joel L. Strom

California Science Center Executive Staff

Jeffrey Rudolph Portrait

Jeffrey N. Rudolph — CEO and President of the California Science Center

Jeffrey N. Rudolph
CEO and President
(213) 744-7483

Gretchen Bazela
Deputy Director for Education
(213) 744-2535

Diane C. Perlov, Ph.D.
Deputy Director for Exhibits
(213) 744-2527

Cheryl Tateishi
Deputy Director for Administration
(213) 744-2328

Paul Watanabe
Assistant Deputy Director for Operations
(213) 744-2149

State Audit Information

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