Body Worlds Host

Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 09:22

About Us:

The mission of the California Science Center is to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone by creating fun, memorable experiences, because we value science as an indispensable tool for understanding our world, accessibility and inclusiveness, and enriching people's lives.

The California Science Center is one of the world's leading science centers devoted to science learning. It is among the most attended museums in North America, with over 2.5 million guests each year for the past two years and is the permanent home of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The California Science Center is currently developing a major expansion, the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. The California Science Center holds prestigious accreditations by the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The California Science Center is a department of the State of California (State) and who works in partnership with the not-for-profit California Science Center Foundation (Foundation) to bring our mission to life. Visit us on the web to learn more:

About BODY WORLDS: Pulse

The California Science Center is proud to welcome Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ latest exhibition BODY WORLDS: Pulse.

BODY WORLDS: Pulse provides an opportunity to learn about human anatomy, physiology and health. The new generation of plastinates includes an obese body slice, a smoker’s black lung and hardened arteries that show the impact of ill health. In contrast, dancers, sports figures, and a woman bearing life, illustrate how bodies function when lifestyles support good health and well-being.

BODY WORLDS: Pulse opens May 20, 2017.  See website for more details:

About the Job:

Hosts interact with guests on a daily basis and they are key players in influencing the guest experience at the California Science Center.  Hosts support our mission to “stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone by creating fun, memorable experiences.” They do this in an individual or team effort to provide the best guest experience at the California Science Center. Hosts are expected to initiate interactions with guests by sharing California Science Center related information regarding exhibits, living collections, displays and or general science; and must ensure that guests’ needs are met and their questions answered. Hosts are stationed in various areas including the IMAX Theater and their efforts are coordinated through the leads, supervisors or management team.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong public speaking skills to present educational content to guests.
  • Ability to memorize and present science educational themes in a more personal level.
  • Ability to share learned knowledge about locations and schedules of all exhibits, programs, and facilities.
  • Problem solving skills and the ability to resolve minor guest and/or staff conflicts.
  • Reliable, detailed, with ability to greet guests in a friendly, professional manner.
  • Must be able to walk and/or stand for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Ability to lift, carry, pull and/or push a minimum of 25 pounds.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays, and evenings.

Preferred Qualifications / Skills:

  • Bilingual skills with English and Korean, Japanese or Chinese language.
  • College background in science, education, theater or related field.
  • 1+ years of customer/guest service experience.
  • Experience interacting with or handling live animals.
  • Experience in teaching or working with the public in an informal education or public setting.

Major Job Responsibilities:

  • To enhance the guest experience, you must, on a continual basis, proactively initiate museum related, educational or helpful interactions with guests.
  • Verbally communicate with guests using a friendly, helpful tone to ensure you are being responsive to their needs.
  • When a guests expresses an interest in a particular area, share information about that area verbally, through hands-on demonstrations or literature.
  • Use non-verbal communication skills such as positive body language (smiling, eye contact, good posture) to encourage guest interactions.
  • Verbally communicate accurate information about all California Science Center and IMAX Theater offerings currently available and upcoming offerings as released.
  • Promote the California Science Center’s educational programming and recommend purchase of Annual Memberships to guests.
  • Explain interactive exhibits to all audiences using appropriate equipment.
  • Maintain a clean work area and report maintenance or cleanliness issues to management.
  • Maintain a good safety attitude, which means doing the best job you can (not the fastest job you can), being careful on the job, staying focused on the task you’re performing, being on the lookout for potential hazards, and reporting them to your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Practice safe working habits; look out for safety of guests, their children and the security of our buildings and property.
  • Follow all emergency procedures as necessary; bring crisis situations to the attention of a manager or supervisor immediately.
  • Provide proper use and safekeeping of California Science Center assets including radios, keys, clipboards, and other equipment.
  • Check daily for broken items and equipment that may be in need of repair, cleaning or replacement and report this to management.
  • Practice open communication by keeping Leads, Supervisors and Managers informed of internal and external issues affecting the organization or areas for improvement.
  • Attend all required meetings and follow all policies and procedures to ensure that everyone is following the same rules in reaching our departmental goals and objectives.
  • Perform other duties as required.


$12.00 per hour


Send Cover Letter, Resume and Salary Target to the HR Dept. via fax at 213-744-2673, email to, or mail to the California Science Center Foundation, H. R. Dept, 700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037. No phone calls please. EOE.